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A Caribbean Vacation of Hollywood Proportions

The next time you're looking for a luxury travel destination, you need search no further than the Caribbean. The exotic scenery, 5 star hotels & idyllic climate all come together to create the perfect recipe for a sensational vacation, but the added allure of locations that served as the setting for some of Hollywood's most iconic motion pictures might just be the cherry on top.

Many of the popular tourist destinations in this tropical locale are near recognizable movie scenes. With enough adventurous spirit, you can see a few of these around your location.

Where it all started Ever since the motion-picture camera was produced by Thomas Edison's company, the art of film has been capturing the beautiful Caribbean to bring all of its splendor to people far away, reported USA Today. Edison's company filmed the first movie in the region in 1903, & that led the way for other Hollywood filmmakers to take advantage of its natural grandeur.

Classic films have recorded the Caribbean waves rolling onto the sandy shores of Marigot Bay, St. Lucia, in "Dr. Doolittle" and the streets of South Bimini in the Bahamas where Hannibal Lector made his leisurely getaway in cult classic "Silence of the Lambs". These movies highlight the beauty you can experience firsthand on your vacation.

The birthplace of a legend Some of film history's most legendary characters, movies & motifs have emerged from the Caribbean, but one in particular hails predominantly from Jamaica.

A small villa in Oracabessa is where author Ian Fleming wrote his first James Bond novel, according to Caribbean Travel Mag. The entire island also served as inspiration for many of the future exploits of the fictional super spy.

The settings for the book transferred over into the world of films from the very first movie. You can go to the same beach where Ursula Andress appears from the sea at Laughing Waters Beach for an entrance that lives on in Bond history. Whether it's a cruise port, a mansion or a waterfall, locations all over Jamaica have direct links to Hollywood, making this island getaway perfect for film buffs and Bond fans.

You can even recreate certain scenes to ensure the photographs from the trip are as distinct as possible while also capturing a memorable vacation that will endure just as the classic movies.

Travel to Jamaica or any of the other Caribbean film locations to see just what made those spots stand out from the rest & land on movie screens around the world.

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