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4 Destination Wedding Bridesmaid Dress Ideas

As more couples become entranced by the notion of tying the knot in an exotic location, one of the most exciting aspects to consider is style. While of course, the bride will be spending a lot of time picking out the perfect gown in which to say "I do," she needs to find fitting gowns for her bridesmaids as well. The unique elements of destination weddings grant a lot of freedom in terms of the attire, & many brides are taking advantage of this flexibility to go for offbeat & eclectic styles that will make their ceremony stand out. 

Need a little inspiration? Here are some of the hottest bridesmaid looks for 2014:

Neutrals There's nothing wrong with sticking to neutral colors – in fact, these dresses can have just as much intrigue as their brightly hued counterparts. The key to selecting the right hue is to ensure that it pops against the backdrop. For example, a soft slate will look stunning at a beach wedding, while a beige or taupe might blend in too much with the sand. The best part about neutrals is that you can have some fun with the accessories since the gowns are so simple. Choose dresses with intricate necklines or unusual silhouettes to maintain an element of intrigue despite the understated tones. 

Florals What could be more stunning at island weddings in the Caribbean than tropical florals? For a bold statement, you might go for gowns printed with watercolor blossoms in shades of teal, coral & buttery yellow, which are all colors that are bound to make a splash this year. Who says bridesmaids need to wear dresses, though? If you want to incorporate florals in a subtler way, you could have them don printed bubble skirts with vibrant patterns, which look darling with metallic heels & simple white blouses.

Mismatched Too much matching can sometimes be boring, so feel free to have your bridesmaids embrace their individuality, as long as there's one cohesive element tying all of their dresses all together. You might choose one color, such as violet or aqua, & have your ladies sport gowns in varying shades of that hue. Or, you could have all of your bridesmaids wear styles in the same color but different cuts – which is a spectacular idea when the women in your bridal party have very different body types.

Bohemian One of the biggest trends in the fashion realm right now is boho-chic, & many brides are opting to apply it to their beach weddings. This is truly the perfect look for a laid-back Oceanside affair. From maxidresses in muted hues to romantic '70s-inspired flower crowns, the idea is to achieve a look that's simultaneously effortless & elegant.

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