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3 Destination Wedding Myths Debunked

It's become increasingly common for couples to jet off to an exotic locale to say "I do." Naturally, strolling across pristine white sand with crashing waves in the distance is a welcome alternative to walking down a traditional aisle. While the possibilities are endless for planning destination weddings, some brides- & grooms-to-be are still hesitant to plan their events in a far-off location. Whether it's a strict budget or another aspect that's holding you back, many common concerns are actually just myths.

Read on & put your worries to rest:

Myth: It's going to be way more expensive Reality: Destination weddings can actually be far more affordable than those at home, particularly when planned at all-inclusive resorts. Some chains offer special deals or tiered wedding packages that range in price so that no matter your budget, you can plan the big day of your dreams. Additionally, these packages make it a lot easier to stay in control of costs. You might even consider combining your wedding & honeymoon – such as through the Sandals WeddingMoon option – to minimize your travel costs & seamlessly segue into marital bliss. Having a travel agent that specializes in destination weddings can be invaluable for minimizing your spending. These professionals usually have insight into what locations or packages will save you a lot of money, & they also have access to discounts that you can use. Plus, the reality is that there may be fewer attendees at island weddings, & a smaller guest list means lower costs.

Myth: It's going to take far more time to plan  Reality: A common misconception is that the research process will simply be too time-consuming for distant beach weddings. However, this is once again where travel agents come in to save the day. Instead of spending tedious hours poring over information online, it's helpful to have a specialist who can narrow down the ideal location based on your preferences, & additionally, ease your mind by working out a lot of the travel logistics. Certified travel agents have the advantage of knowing a lot about the destination, so they can provide you with useful insight & assistance that will make for a stress-free planning process.

Myth: All destination weddings are the same Reality: Traditionally, destination weddings had a somewhat uniform, cookie-cutter feel. That has all changed now, thanks to brands like Iberostar, which offers packages & à la carte with your own special wedding planner. Whether you're envisioning a lavish wedding in St. Lucia, a vintage-inspired affair in Antigua or a quaint ceremony in Mexico, anything is possible. 

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