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3 Delectable Desserts Found in the Caribbean

No matter where in the Caribbean you travel to, one thing everyone always looks forward to on any vacation is the food. Of all the local cuisine tourists indulge in, desserts are often a tempting attraction when in a foreign land of different culinary styles. Throughout the Caribbean & on family or adult vacations, there are some desserts that will make it very difficult for you to leave your tropical paradise destination. No matter what kind of desserts you prefer, there's something for everyone that can be ideal for complementing whatever activity you have planned at your exotic travel location.

Jamaican scoops If you're in the mood for some ice cream after a day on the beach in Jamaica, the I-Scream Shop in Kingston has 27 homemade flavors ready for you to taste. The shop was built in the 19th century & hosts unique flavors you won't be able to find anywhere else such as Devon stout beer & a mixture of coconut & coffee that's sprinkled with beans grown in the native Blue Mountains, according to USA Today.

Rum cake in the Turks & Caicos Located in the heart of the luxury travel resorts in the Turks & Caicos islands, local restaurant Seven serves up a tasty variation of a rum cake that will satisfy any sweet tooth. Travelers shouldn't expect a giant dish because the portions are small, but the dessert is so rich that you won't need to eat much anyway. This small yeast cake is bathed in Bambarra rum & adorned with Chantilly cream, a special sweet type of whipped cream, slices of orange, tips of mint leaves & coconut sorbet.

Natural sorbet from Martinique The small village of Le Carbet on the French island of Martinique is just north of St. Lucia & home to the restaurant Ziouka Glaces, where the local ice cream makers are famous for their unique flavors of sorbet made from natural fruit native to the island. For over 10 years, Ziouka Glaces has been offering favored local flavors such as green apple & the new grapefruit tart, which has made the restaurant very popular for events.

Throughout the Caribbean, there are choices for dessert with distinct tropical variations that offer a change from the usual sweets back at home. Enjoy all the delicacies that make this region so different from the rest of the world & learn what the food culture of the scene is like firsthand.

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