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Travel Agents Make It Easy: The Perks

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

Travel Agents Make It Easy: The Perks

Your Time is Valuable!

You want that dream vacation, right? But there is a ton of planning involved & the research can be completely overwhelming. Your life doesn’t just come to a halt because you need to start planning an amazing vacation! Do as much or as little as you want by connecting with a travel agent. Tap into the expertise and first hand knowledge of a true professional the next time you plan to take a trip.

Kick back, relax, and discover the perks of using a travel agent.

Hold Please…

If you’ve ever had to call around to airlines, resorts, or connect with customer service—you understand the frustration that goes along with the phrase, “hold please.” This is the first perk of utilizing a travel agent—you will no longer have to be the one to make phone calls to plan your vacay, we have you covered. Our agents maintain strong relationships with common airlines, resorts, etc., to get you the best deals and best service when you travel. Think of all the time you will save, seriously. Just shoot us a text, give us a call, or send a quick email and we will go to work for you right away!

Expert Guidance At Your Fingertips

One thing most people do not think about when they get ready for an overseas or exotic trip is that different countries often have different rules and regulations, especially in the age of COVID. When you connect with our agents, we’ll get you prepped with everything you might need to know or follow during your getaway—AND keep you updated along the way. Better safe than sorry, are we right?

Hot Spots

Aside from being experts on the rules and regulations, our agents give you the benefit of their knowledge of where you are traveling. Imagine having a real person to talk to about what to do during your vacation rather than just a Google search…it really is the bees knees! We travel to top destinations often, and can’t wait to share our first hand experiences with you. Once an agent gets to know you, along with your unique vision of the perfect trip —they will connect you with tons of ideas and adventures for your next destination vacation. AKA, the hottest spots and best entertainment in your back pocket.

Saving MORE With Some Help

Things are just easier when you have some professional help…and we are your vacation professionals. You would be surprised how often we hear, “I can’t afford a travel agent.” The truth is, most travelers end up saving money in the long run with a travel agent by avoiding common tourist pitfalls and traps and unlocking better travel and accommodation options. The answer to the most common myth: ANYONE can use a travel agent and it does not cost more. Book a consultation with our team—and we’ll show you.

It’s Okay To Cancel

So, the final perk we’d like to mention is our ‘Cancel For Any Reason’ Insurance. Life just feels better when it’s insured and the same goes with your vacation. Using a travel agent gives you the unique opportunity to cancel your vacation—even last minute, by using our insurance. That means anything you have spent so far goes right back to your pocket! We’ll take that peace of mind any day.

Put Your Feet Up

The perks keep going but we’ll let you digest that first. To get started, all it takes is a quick call and conversation—and our agents will take it from there! You can put your feet up and relax as the days get closer and closer to the best, most relaxing vacation you’ve had in years—the planning is on us! We are so excited to get started…where to first?

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