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The Best Place to Watch a Whale

While luxury vacation travel to Costa Rica delivers on the popular beaches around the 5 star hotels & the comforts desired for a relaxing time away from home, the country offers much more to see with its diverse natural landscape & wildlife. On your next vacation to Costa Rica, make some memories enjoying the sights that can only be found there for an experience you'll carry with you long after returning home.

Where else can you watch the mighty migrating herds of humpback whales coming from both the Arctic & Antarctic regions of the globe than from the tail of a whale?

What makes the area around Uvita even more special can only be found at low-tide, but it happens every day. When the waves recede back, a sliver of beach emerges from the water in the shape of a giant whale's tail connected to the mainland. This natural formation is unique, but uncannily appropriate for the aquatic travelers that lurk around it. This phenomenon is coupled with migrating whales makes Uvita the ultimate place to go for whale watching.

The best vantage points in Marino Ballena National Park Because of the migration from both poles, Marino Ballena National Park is fortunate to witness two whale watching seasons in their prime as the large mammals head for the warm waters of Costa Rica, according to Whales Tail Costa Rica. From December to April, the whales from the north descend upon the waters outside of the quaint village of Uvita. Not long after that, the humpbacks make their way up from the south to the same area from July until October.

With only a couple of months where these majestic creatures can't be seen, Costa Rica has the longest whale watching seasons in the world, the source stated. They aren't the only animals local to the area either. If you're lucky, you might spot a couple different species of dolphins or hawksbill & olive ridley sea turtles too.

You can wait until the tides go out & walk along Whale's Tail while you scan the horizons for glimpses of whales poking out above the waves. If you want an ever better view of the unique beach and the sea beyond it, take a hike up the rainforest-covered mountain behind it for an aerial view of this genuine wonder, stated Bahia Aventuras.

More adventures around Uvita There's even more you can do making good use of the beautiful nature around Uvita. For those interested in more physical activities, the environment provides plenty of opportunities to explore the waterfalls in the area, hike through the wilderness or go horseback riding.

There are even kayak tours that allow you to hit the waves & paddle along the sandy shores of the Whale's Tail, according to If you hang around to see the moment when the tides return & swallow up the sand bridge connecting the tail to the mainland, you'll be able to ride the waves moving in from both sides. The guides will help you in your kayak surfing experience & you'll leave with an unforgettable memory.

The waters around Whale's Tail are great for swimming too, and its beaches are ideal for those who prefer to remain warm & dry by bathing in the sun. You can see what it's like beneath the water's surface too with opportunities for scuba diving & snorkeling, according to the source. The sediment in the water doesn't make it as clear as it looks further from the shore, but these waters host a wide variety of tropical sea life you can explore.

Uvita is a great location to experience the nature of Costa Rica while admiring the beauty of the animals in the area as well. Anyone who wants to see the migrating humpback whales from the far corners of the world will have no better place to do so either.

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