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The Architecture of Jade Mountain

Updated: Nov 28, 2018

Though not the mythical mountain of Chinese legend, the Jade Mountain resort in St. Lucia offers a one-of-a-kind experience in the world of luxury travel. There truly is no hotel like it in the world and that's exactly the way architect, Nick Troubetzkoy, wanted it. Towering above the beaches and sea below, the Jade Mountain sits at eye level with the Piton Mountains of St. Lucia in the distance. All of the restaurants, activities and facilities of its sister resort, the Anse Chastanet, are also available to its guests.

A unique resort What makes Jade Mountain a premium luxury hotel in the Caribbean is the beauty of the building's architecture and its fusion with the natural world around it. There are only 24 rooms at the resort, but no two are alike. From the tables down to the toilets, every suite is decorated and outfitted with furnishings individual to that sanctuary. To reach their rooms, visitors must walk across their very own sky bridge that separates them from the rest of the world, giving everyone staying there an unprecedented amount of privacy.

Every suite has its own infinity pool, holding water of the purest quality that's raised off the ground to within reach of the room around you. The pools are meant to add an animate aspect with areas for lounging or swimming. As with everything else, the shapes, curves and sizes of the pools differ from unit to unit depending on your chosen room's size. The bottoms are decorated with glass tiles made specifically for the hotel and change in vibrant color wherever you're staying. The tiles and shades extend themselves to your bathroom in a display of distinct exclusivity.

A part of the world around it Most of the materials used to construct the Jade Mountain were taken from the very environment around it and built by the local people of the island. With 15-foot ceilings in the entire complex and coral pillars reaching for the sky, the experience allows you to transcend your boundaries and become a part of the gorgeous nature surrounding you.

With tropical wood cut and stone quarried from the region, this destination will fill you with the clean air from the Atlantic and memories you can't make anywhere else. Enjoy your vacation in unique luxury, away from the less intriguing identical rooms of other hotels.

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