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The 2018 Bummies

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

For the 9th year running, Beach Bum Vacations will be holding its annual Bummies awards. This year, we’re holding it at UNICO 20°87°! Not only do we want you to experience the beauty and luxury of the resort, we even take our own there. From the gorgeous horizon to the tops of the hills, we know how much of UNICO 20°87° is worth exploring (here’s a hint, everywhere is worth it)! We don’t want you to go there because we’ve been there once or twice. When we’re beach bummin’, even we’re bummin’ it at UNICO 20°87°.

Experience UNLIMITED luxury spas, beautiful sights, delicious cuisines, or thrilling golf now. At UNICO 20°87° they have redefined the all-inclusive experience by offering the unexpected. Your stay includes select spa and beauty salon treatments plus all the amenities of a luxury boutique hotel, combined the comfort and convenience of an all-inclusive.

Ready to experience UNICO 20°87° UNLIMITED? Talk to your Beach Bum Vacations Travel Concierge now.

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