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Picking a Vacation Spot in Mexico

Updated: Nov 28, 2018

If you already have your heart set on Mexico for a luxury vacation, you're definitely on the right track for a trip that's simultaneously relaxing & exciting. With such a rich history, varied landscape & eclectic array of activities, there is something for everyone here. So the only question is, where should you head to for your getaway? Selecting the right location all depends on your budget, interests & preferences.

Before you book your flight, use this guide to help you choose the perfect spot:

Puerto Vallarta If you're not willing to compromise on quaint small-town charm & cosmopolitan luxury, Puerto Vallarta is the place for you. Situated among the Sierra Madre Mountains, this majestic area features stunning coastline scenery & a wide range of activities. There's more to this area than breathtaking views, though. Puerto Vallarta also happens to be a cultural mecca, meaning it's an ideal spot to experience Mexican art, music & cuisine. Speaking of food – there are plenty of delicious dining options that range in price point, many of which boast romantic ambience. It's not surprising, then, that U.S. News & World Report named this the No. 1 Best Place to Visit in Mexico.

Cancun Are you someone who likes nonstop action on vacation? ​If you'd rather be engaging in thrilling water sports than lounging on the beach, you're sure to find a bevy of activities like parasailing & jet-skiing along the beaches in Cancun. Plus, if you're an energetic night owl who would likes to keep the party going until the wee hours, rest assured that the fun never stops here. With an endless array of bars, restaurants & clubs for dancing & cocktailing, you can certainly make the most of your vacation time. As an added bonus, Cancun has nearly as many restaurants as it does hotel options, meaning visitors will be always be able to find fare that suits their tastes. Not to mention – Cancun is also one of the most affordable spots for a getaway because of all the all-inclusive travel options.

Playa del Carmen For travelers who value sophistication, Playa del Carmen can't be beat. In fact, U.S. News & World Report noted that this part of Riviera Maya has quickly been gaining notoriety as the place to "see & be seen." The chic vibe, unparalleled cleanliness, top-notch resorts & pristine beaches all provide a glimpse into the luxe life. Plus, there are a number of elegant eating establishments to choose from. If you've been dreaming of a vacation to Europe, Playa also presents the perfect compromise. Due to the high European population, you're sure to find restaurants that will transport you to France or Italy. Even the area's center, El Zócalo, feels Pleasant.

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