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Packing Tips for Your Honeymoon in the Caribbean

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

Packing for a honeymoon can be a stressful task, but it doesn't have to be. The key to ensuring you don't over-stuff your luggage, but also aren't without any necessities, is a little planning & prioritizing, because ultimately, your escape should be about spending quality time with your new mate, not fretting about what's in your suitcase.

With these tips, you'll be prepared to pack the right items for your island getaway, leaving more room for memories.

Versatile pieces Packing items that can be used more than once is especially smart because it saves space while also giving you outfit options. Bridal Guide suggested incorporating a few of these pieces, along with right accessories, to transform them into a whole new ensemble. For example, a beach cover-up instantly becomes the perfect cocktail dress with the right belt, or a statement necklace can make a pair of cropped jeans transition seamlessly into evening cocktails.

Footwear variety Oftentimes, it can be difficult to decide which shoes to pack – but they can truly make or break an outfit & moreover, an afternoon. Bridal Guide explained that marriage is about being comfortable enough with one person to wear a pair of shoes that aren't necessarily the most stylish. You'll be glad you brought along a pair of sandals with arch support when you're taking those long walks on the beach. Still, the magazine noted that it's also important to bring a dressier pair for cocktailing, dancing & romantic dinners.

(Bonus tip: squeezing jewelry & other accessories into shoes can save valuable suitcase space, says Bridal Guide.)

Organized toiletries Air travel can leave skin dull & dry. Birchbox advised making moisturizer a top priority to ensure you maintain that newlywed glow. You don't need to bring the whole bottle, however – a travel-sized tube is ideal, & can even be kept in your carry-on for a quick post-flight touch-up. Many tinted moisturizers even have SPF, which can be ideal for protecting skin in the strong Caribbean sun. Nothing kills honeymoon bliss like a painful sunburn.

Consider detergent Instead of bringing a different swimsuit for every day, why not wash them? Bridal Guide explained that you can extend the life of delicates & swimwear while also lightening your suitcase load by packing detergent travel packets. Birchbox recommended Tocca's travel-size fabric wash, which has a refreshing blood orange scent & a twist-on cap to prevent spillage. Washing with these detergents can take the sweat & sand out of swimsuits while keeping dyes intact & colors vibrant.

Luxury travel with your new partner should be relaxing – & it can be, with these simple packing strategies for an ideal suitcase.

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