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Hot springs, volcanoes, sloths...need we say more?


Explore Costa Rica with Beach Bum Vacations!

Said to be one of the greenest places in the world, Costa Rica is best known for its volcanoes, tropical rainforests, and incredible wildlife! Here are some of our favorite reasons why Costa Rica is a must-see:


Costa Rica has over 200 volcanic formations that date back almost 70 million years, which contribute to the majestic setting its best known for. Today, just 5 are classified as active volcanoes, but still remain a sight to see for many tourists.

Hot Springs

Naturally flowing hot springs is a widespread and popular attraction in Costa Rica. They range in just about any size, shape and temperature imaginable, and are perfect for relaxing in quietly, or even splashing around with the family.

Hot springs is a must-see in Costa Rica!

White Water Rafting

With Costa Rica's 14 major river systems, it's no wonder white water rafting is so popular among visitors. Choose from a variety of tour options --whether it be an easy float along a quiet stream, or diving through action-packed rapids.


Originally introduced in the '70s, zip-lining has become one of Costa Rica's most popular activities! Get your adrenaline-rush, while you soar over some of the area's most remote and natural areas. The views are especially breathtaking in Monteverde, Arenal, and Manuel Antonio!


Aren't sloths the cutest? Be sure to ask where the best sloth tours are held, as you'll find plenty of them in Costa Rica! If you want to see a variety of wildlife, just ask your tour guide what other tours they'd recommend! 

Sloths are commonly found in Costa Rica, as well as other many other exotic wildlife!

Costa Rica is one of our favorite destinations for adventurists and nature-lovers! Sound like something you can get on board with? Then, contact us today for an instant quote!

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