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Explore an Underwater River

Updated: Nov 28, 2018

The next time you're planning some adult vacations in Mexico, consider an underwater adventure like no other. Popular attractions for tourists often include water activities such as diving, snorkeling or even just plain swimming. However, during your luxury travel, you don't have to step too far from the Rivera Maya & party destinations like Cancun to discover a place you'll think is not of this world. In a tour that will take you through mystical & scientific stories & facts, tourists can travel deep within the Yucatan Peninsula to the Rio Secreto.

Mexico's secret river The shores along the beaches are one thing, but the Rio Secreto is a location unlike anything you've ever seen. An underground river filtered through limestone & other minerals leads to a series of caverns & caves one could spend hours exploring. Tourists can admire the beauty of countless stalagmites that were formed over millions of years, according to Loco Gringo.

Travelers embark on a guided tour lead by experts that point out geological wonders & information along the way. Visitors are equipped with a wet suit, helmet & head lamp as they take to the water for a physical journey involving climbing, swimming & walking.

This nature reserve was untouched by man until discovered recently in 2007, according to Rio Secreto's official website. It is unique because, unlike most underwater caves, it is only semi-submerged, allowing people the chance to experience its beauty without the need for extensive cave diving training. The size of groups allowed to enter this natural wonder is limited in efforts to help preserve this delicate ecosystem for as long as possible.

A world like no other The history of Rio Secreto is filled with mysticism & wonder. The guides accompanying you will regale you with tales of the Mayan underworld as you explore the setting that properly fits it. It may seem hard to believe just how close you are to Cancun, but that just testifies to its secretive nature.

The underwater river slowly eroded this magnificent passageway over the course of countless years to carve out a magical place not found anywhere else. After the tour, you can enjoy their complimentary lunch in the jungle while swinging from a hammock, giving you time to reflect on all the wonders you saw that sits just below your feet.

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