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Enjoy the Wild Sides of Aruba

Updated: Dec 11, 2018

There are many activities to do in Aruba while there on luxury travel with family or peers on adult vacations. Whether it's the thrilling night life on Palm Beach or the raw nature of the tropical environment, there's something for every traveler. You can get in touch with your more adventurous side in the unique natural surroundings of your location or immerse yourself in a different jungle: the nightlife.

Whatever type of vacation you want to have, Aruba covers both sides of the spectrum with numerous options. You only have to decide what kind of excitement you want every day you're there.

Experience Aruba's nature away from the resorts If you're interested in some kind of physical activity on this vacation, chances are Arikok National Park can deliver whatever you need to make it happen. There's a wide array of options available, ranging from hiking to snorkeling within the park, reported 10Best USA Today.

The national park has recently received funds & is in the middle of construction & recreation on the premises to make the area more accessible to tourists & locals alike, the source stated. A new visitor center will help inform guests of the native species & efforts being made to conserve this delicate and exotic ecosystem. Inside the new facility is a terrarium that displays many of the local animals as well as a souvenir shop & new media room.

Some of the more popular methods for traversing the park are either by bicycle or four-wheel drive vehicle with tours available that can take you through some of the highlights of the grounds. The trails are the main attraction with caves scattered along the route & images drawn on the walls by the natives long ago, according to the source.

Into the untamed nightlife Many venues line the streets of Aruba near the 5 star resorts, all offering something different to set them apart from the rest. Because of this, a wide variety of options have sprouted up in this tropical paradise for travelers seeking the thrill of tropical nightlife.

You can hang out at the Zombie Room with a blend of tiki island flavor & rock 'n' roll, or you can hop on the Kukoo Kunuku party bus for a night of seeing all of the island's venues on a tour, stated 10Best USA Today. Tourists from all over will be moving though this modern jungle, showing you a very different side to the natural Aruba.

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