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Enjoy Luxury in Punta Cana

If there's one thing you won't expect to see on a luxury travel vacation to the Caribbean, it's a 16th-century European village, but that's exactly what can be found near Punta Cana, reported My Destination. A family vacation in the Caribbean can also bring you to the Mediterranean, which is what Altos de Chavon was modeled after.

The scenery at this location will only help transport you away as you become less sure of where & when you are, the longer you walk down the village's cobblestone streets. A trip to Altos de Chavon is a perfect day trip where you want to get away from the typical atmosphere of 5 star hotels.

A village out of time Altos de Chavon was originally built at the request of Charles Bludhorn, former president of Paramount Pictures, as a present for his daughter, according to the source. Artists & craftsmen from all over the island climbed to the top of a cliff looking out at the Chavon River. The locals put a great deal of effort into the village's construction, with many of the finer architectural details made by hand such as the cobblestone streets & paths.

The designs throughout Altos de Chavon should be more than enough to captivate you, but there's activities within the hilltop village too. Further adding to the mixture of cultures in the area, many options for nightclubs, dining & shopping are available, keeping up with current times & regular vacation activities.

The visuals at Altos de Chavon aren't the only thing that may take you down a journey through time either. Every since the village was initiated, musicians from all over the world & with many different backgrounds have performed at this venue. Artists from Frank Sinatra to Carlos Santana have entertained the crowds on vacation at the village, & more come every year, stated My Destination.

So much to see in such a small place Where all these world-renowned performers play is almost as spectacular, if not more, than the acts themselves. They all take stage in a recreation of a Roman amphitheater with the ability to seat 5,000 people, reported USA Today. Since 1982, this out-of-place, yet wildly appropriate stage has been hosting live entertainment for those who stop by Altos de Chavon.

Right in the center of the village is the Church of St. Stanislaus, dedicated after Pope John Paul II, who sent the ashes & hand-carved statue of the saint the church was named after, reported My Destination. Not only does the church perform its weekly religious duties, it provides an amazing location for destination weddings where tourists can have the best of both worlds for their special day – a tropical & European wedding all at one place.

The Archeological Museum can also be found in the town if you're looking for some legitimate history & not just a recreation. It has an array of pre-Colombian artifacts from natives to the island long ago that have been showcased in museums around the world from New York to Paris.

Whenever you're in the mood for a change from the general tropical vacation activities in Punta Cana, head up to Altos de Chavon for more than a change of scenery. Tour a village seemingly lost in time, but enjoy the thought of its place in this world: a present from a father to a daughter transformed into one of the island's best day trips.

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