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Empower Through Education With Beach Bum CARES

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

The Dominican Republic is filled with tranquil beaches, renowned golf courses & rich culture for visitors to take in on luxury vacations. But there's much more beneath the surface in this nation. According to Mission Network News, more than one-third of the Dominican Republic's total population lives in poverty, & of these people, nearly a fifth are living in extreme conditions.

Since many of the residents are not legal immigrants, their children aren't citizens of any country, as the government considers them "in transit." With no citizenship papers, these children cannot go to school, meaning they are stuck in a cycle of poverty. Even those that are fortunate enough to attend school often don't get adequate resources & the education quality can be poor. In fact, The Morningside Post revealed that the Dominican Republic is known for having one of the worst education systems in Latin America. Only 2.3 percent of the nation's gross domestic product is invested in education. At the same time, students typically just spend three hours a day in school, teachers often have insufficient training, & books & supplies are scarce. The news source noted that poverty often prevents parents from being able to pay for school supplies, uniforms or fees. When faced with the dilemma of choosing between feeding their children or education, food is a higher priority.

However, education is crucial for not only improving children's quality of life & futures, but also for strengthening the communities themselves. According to UNESCO, education reduces poverty & promotes economic growth, with just one extra year of schooling boosting a person's average income by 10 percent. UNESCO also found that education helps to prevent HIV/AIDS & other diseases while promoting gender equality, democracy & societal participation.

By partnering up with Beach Bum CARES, you can take part in those dramatic improvements. Before traveling to the Dominican Republic on your next luxury vacation, contact Beach Bum CARES & we'll coordinate transportation for you to deliver educational supplies to one of two schools in Punta Cana. If you're not jetting to the Dominican Republic, we offer aid & relief opportunities in Mexico, Jamaica, Antigua, St. Lucia & the Bahamas as well.

So while you're learning about a new exotic locale, you can ensure local communities will benefit from a higher-quality education, too.

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