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Discover the Pirates of Punta Cana

Anyone on family vacations & luxury travel trips alike are in store for an exciting adventure the next time you arrive at Punta Cana. With the recent pirate craze sweeping the world, it seems only natural some swashbucklers would turn up in the tropical waters of the Caribbean. Anyone looking to get a taste of the pirate life on their next vacation need look no further than the Ocean Adventures Caribbean Buccaneer Dinner Show.

Sail the seas as a pirate The Buccaneer Dinner Show gives tourists the chance to spend the night with some bandits of the sea as they take you aboard their recreated galleon & set out for over three hours of food, drinks & entertainment. With one show every weeknight, according to the official website, the pirates initiate everyone into the crew before the show begins. As the night creeps over the water, they take visitors on a ride to a small island known as their pirate hideout where you can eat to your heart's content at a buffet after a tough voyage. However, life is never easy as a buccaneer, as you & your fellow crew face multiple encounters with another group of thieves along the way.

With dazzling special effects & stunts, witness these pirates at work as they swing from ropes, climb the masts, spit fire & even engage in fierce armed combat. Steel crosses steel, & cannons ignite with resounding thunder & smoke during the battle for the ship & treasure. There will be loads of laughs too when the deck of the ship transforms into a dance floor with flashing lights & music where everyone, including the brutish pirates, can't help but boogie.

A vacation through time In between your time at the beaches or swimming with dolphins, enjoy an experience like no other. Instead of just traveling to the Caribbean for your vacation, go even further & travel back in time to an era that has captivated imaginations for years. Eat & drink with pirates as their accents, costumes & ship transport you to a life straight out of a fantasy. 

You're supposed to try new things when you travel & there's nothing like the Caribbean Buccaneer Dinner Show. Learn if you have what it takes to survive as a pirate, but remember, once you've taken the buccaneer's oath, it's for life.

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