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Caribbean Water Parks for Everyone

Family vacations to the Caribbean have the potential to create lasting memories for everyone if the right destination is chosen. One of the toughest problems when traveling with the whole family is finding something for everyone to do. However, scattered throughout the islands are a few attractions that are certain to entertain people of all ages. From Jamaica to the Bahamas, more and more luxury hotels are offering expansive water attractions in their all inclusive travel packages, reported USA Today.

These aren't the typical swimming or snorkeling activities that are often associated with tropical vacations, though. Water parks have been sprouting up throughout the Caribbean with a wide selection of rides catering to parents, teens & children alike.

Pirate's Island At the Beaches Turks & Caicos resort, the 45,000 square-foot water park called Pirate's Island is close to the resort, providing the entire family with days' worth of fun without having to travel too far. Water slides & spray cannons will keep youngsters busy in a water war with each other while older kids can enjoy the Xbox Lounge where they'll have a chance to make friends their age. Parents who are looking to spend some time relaxing & soaking up the sun can cruise down the Lazy River, enjoying the 650-foot long journey at their own pace.

Even if it was possible for toddlers to grow bored of all the water attractions, the partnership the resort has with Sesame Street will keep the emotions flying as characters from the show walk around the park & interact with the kids.

Of course, Pirate's Island wouldn't be much of a buccaneer haven without its very own pirate ship in the middle of the park, allowing kids to take to the seas of their imagination as they are encouraged to abandon ship & slide into the water.

Aquaventure Once travelers cross over the Paradise Island Bridge, they're no longer in the Bahamas. They've entered Atlantis & its Mayan-themed water park. Over 100 acres of water slides, pools & playgrounds are only the beginning of what this park has to offer.

The Atlantis water park brings a sense of exotic wonder, as visitors can snorkel in a lagoon located at the complex or take a water escalator up to the next ride instead of climbing stairs. Kids can race each other down the Challenger Slide and try to beat the clock timing their descent while adults head to the pools reserved for people their own age to relax with DJs playing music in the sun.

By far the most captivating experience of the whole park is the Leap of Faith slide that sports a straight 60-foot drop into a clear tube that takes the daring underwater & through a lagoon. Anyone brave enough to look around during the speedy fall will see sharks swimming around in the waters outside of the tube. 

Kool Runnings For a water park that does its own thing without a resort associated with it, Kool Runnings in Jamaica provides a diverse array of fun for everyone. While smaller compared to some of the other water parks in the Caribbean, Kool Runnings is equipped with everything it needs to show visitors a good time, including water slides, a lazy river and an area for toddlers to safely play. Around this park, tourists will find restaurants as well as sports & juice bars for refreshing beverages to help face the tropical sun.

What sets this park apart from the rest are the deals available for other activities near it such as laser tag, go-karts & paintball, giving the whole family plenty of opportunities for unparalleled fun.

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