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Bridesmaid Ideas for Your Beach Wedding

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

There's hardly a more ideal location for a destination wedding than a beach – between the stunning backdrop & cool breeze off the ocean, you're bound to have a memorable big day. Still, planning a beach wedding requires some thought. After all, the attire & decor should be just as beautiful as the environment.

Whether you're tying the knot in the Caribbean or Cancun, here are a few ideas for your your big day on the beach:

Dresses In a tropical climate, material is a key consideration for your bridesmaids' frocks: Ideal fabrics are lightweight & will flow nicely in the breeze, like chiffon or charmeuse. In terms of color, the possibilities are endless. Pink & peach hues look stunning for a wedding close to sunset, as they'll mimic the colors in the sky. You may want to consider ocean-inspired hues as well, like seafoam green or a rich cerulean. Navy blue is a perfect dress color for a nautical themed wedding, & looks darling with a white sash. Be careful of long gowns, as your bridesmaids could end up tripping on them in the sand. Knee-length or a couple inches above the knee is stylish & practical.

Footwear Since walking on sand is more challenging than a hard surface, stilettos & other skinny heels aren't the best option. However, that doesn't mean your bridal party can't look chic. A pair of espadrilles are perfect for the casual bride & won't sink into the sand. Even ballet flats can work, as long as they feature some dressier details like criss-cross straps or beading. Gold gladiator sandals give off a glamorous Grecian vibe with a pleated gown – & since they're flat, bridesmaids will be comfortable all day long. 

Accessories A beach wedding provides the perfect opportunity to have some fun with accessorizing, so don't be afraid to step outside of tradition. Consider buying matching seashell pendants as a bridesmaid gift, engraving them with their initials & then having them wear the necklace at the ceremony. Or, you could have all of them wear starfish studs for a playful touch. Since the temperatures can drop near the ocean at night, you might think about having all of your bridesmaids don matching shawls if your wedding is later in the afternoon or early evening. For a ceremony that takes place during mid-day, have your bridesmaids carry parasol umbrellas – not only do they look lovely, but they'll protect their skin from the hot sun.

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