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3 Trip-planning Tips for Lazy Travelers

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

A truly relaxing, rejuvenating luxury vacation requires a little planning, but some people just aren't naturally inclined to come up with a detailed itinerary ahead of time. While it's more than OK to be spontaneous on a trip – in fact, Beach Bums encourages it – you don't want to miss out on some of the best sites, activities & other opportunities at your destination. So even if you're the kind of traveler who would rather fly by the seat of your shorts, consider these tips so your trip has some structure.

Take advantage of technology You already use your smartphone to shop for items & schedule obligations in your calendar, so why not use it to plan your trip? The Beach Bum Vacation App, which is available for both iPhoneAndroid devices, takes a lot of stress out of your research process. All you have to do is enter in your name, email address & the date you want to leave, & a certified travel concierge will promptly contact you to start planning your getaway. You can also check out reviews from fellow Beach Bums to give you some ideas about an ideal location. Once you've arrived, use the app to look into special events at your destination.

Broaden your scope Developing an itinerary for every day of your trip can be overwhelming. Not only that, but if you've schedule activities for every moment, you might tire out too quickly or miss out on a unique experience. Instead of specifying exactly what you'll do & when, try planning your days around a location. You might set aside one day just to take in the amenities & activities that your all-inclusive resort has to offer, then set aside a day to explore the local city's shops & museums. Don't forget to dedicate an afternoon to basking on the beach.

Prioritize It might not be possible to see & do everything you'd like to on a vacation. Even if you have an aversion to planning & scheduling, you'll still want to consider what is most important to you to make the most of your trip. If you're a foodie, for example, what are the restaurants you can't miss? Or if you're a history buff, what are the must-see sites? By prioritizing, you can make sure you're able to optimize your vacation time & have a truly memorable experience.

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