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It's true when said, "If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life." Ever since I can remember travel has been my first love! I am fortunate to be able to put my passion to work every day, literally. I have had the honor and opportunity to extensively visit many Caribbean Islands, Mexico, Europe, Canada and the United States.

I am blessed to be able to continue to expand my knowledge and visit new countries and experience new cultures. I don't just travel to a destination, I experience all the nuances and charm each and every country holds and bring the memories and moments back with me to share with my valued clients and friends. I have even traveled to schools and orphanages, bringing supplies and gifts to the children, reading a book or two with them or assisted with school work.

After almost two decades as a Travel Consultant, I still can't wait to guide and assist my clients in making their travel dreams come true! Whether you want the perfect destination wedding with your family and friends or a romantic honeymoon get away for two, a family vacation of a lifetime, explore Europe or cruise the World it would be my honor to help you create memories that will last a lifetime.

I promise to listen to your wants and needs and together with your input and my experience we will find your perfect Beach Bum Vacation! :)

Warmest regards,

Beach Bum Jayne, Certified Travel Concierge

Beach Bum Vacations

"Travel the WORLD with us" 🌎

317-577-7775 ext  7 or 1-877-943-8282 ext 7

Travel with a purpose… 💛💙

The most important decision you can make is choosing the right Travel Professional. If you're planning a Vacation, Group Trip, Honeymoon or Destination Wedding, you're in good hands with Beach Bum Jayne. Connect with her today by using the links below.

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