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I was born with a suitcase & a passport in my hands - practically!

Born to a mother from Germany and a father from Czechoslovakia, I don't remember a time in my life when I wasn’t traveling. I've climbed the Eiffel Tower, seen the Berlin Wall (before and after the collapse of Communism) and walked the streets of Rome - the eternal city.

Visiting the ancient ruins of Rome at age four.
I've snorkeled in the Caribbean and Mediterranean Seas and I've been horseback riding in the mountains of Jamaica and the forests of Europe.

From a young age and throughout my life, I have traveled all over the world including the Caribbean, Mexico, the United States and Europe. Whether shopping the colorful produce markets in Jamaica and St. Lucia; enjoying the flavorful street food in Mexico; or bartering with a leather shop owner on the streets of Italy, I always immerse myself into the local culture and try to experience the true flavor and character of the country I am visiting.

With over 20 years experience in the travel industry, it is my desire to share those experiences with my clients and encourage them to do the same in their travels. I take personal interest in each client's vacation and strive to plan each honeymoon, family vacation or couples’ getaway as if it were my own - with attention to detail, care and concern.

I work hard to gather and acquire knowledge of destinations and to build relationships with the staff and management of the hotels and resorts and even the small shops and restaurants that I visit in my travels. I do this because of my love of foreign cultures and also so that I can refer my clients to these places with confidence and assurance - as if I'm sending them to a friend's place.

My husband, Marcello, is a native of Italy and together, we host small groups to Italy. We visit some of the biggies - Venice, Florence and Rome and see the most amazing sites like the St. Mark’s Basilica in Venice, the Uffizi Gallery in Florence and the Colosseum in Rome. That being said, we also visit small hill towns and seaside towns that aren't even on the map. We go to local festivals and dine in small taverns with no menu. We sit in the piazza eating gelato and listen to the clean fresh rustic music of an elderly accordion player. We drink wine that comes from a spout in the wall and eat fresh bread dipped in the local olive oil. These are all experiences that cannot be found on a large bus tour and are not listed in any guidebooks. We love sharing those experiences with others and have a true appreciation for the way life should really be. We want you to leave Italy with a tear in your eye, a longing in your heart and passion for living that only the Italians can teach you.

Come with us! Join us for the journey of a lifetime and experience fabulous Italy!

Sending sunshine,

Beach Bum Becky, Certified Travel Concierge

Beach Bum Vacations

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Travel with a purpose… 💛💙

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