Beach Bum Vacation
Hey Lisa,
I'm so sorry for not getting back to you's been a bit of an adjustment coming back after so long away from home. But the wedding went really well (despite some rain) and we had an amazing time on the honeymoon!

First of all Buenos Aires was an absolutely beautiful city with such nice people that I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys traveling!

As for the hotels...I'll do them in the order we visited them :)

The Sofitel was gorgeous...clearly a luxury hotel. The staff was top notch, the room was gorgeous, the breakfast was excellent haha and it was in a really great location...walking distance to a lot of great stuff. Overall we really enjoyed it here.

Next we went to Montevideo and stayed at the Cala di Volpe. This was easily our least favorite. The rooms were unremarkable which wasn't a big deal it just seemed like they were a bit overpriced for what they were. The hotel itself was also sort of in an odd location. It was across the street from the beach but I don't know if it was really a public beach that you could go swimming was mostly rocky beaches and we didn't see anyone doing anything than just walking along the beach. It was pretty but probably wasn't warm enough regardless. It was also tough because the hotel wasn't walking distance to anything so we had to take cabs everywhere...wasn't a huge deal since cabs are relatively cheap down there but just something to note. The staff at the hotel was really nice (though they seemed overwhelmed a lot) but they did help us set up a winery tour to Bouza Vineyard which I would recommend to anyone! The vineyard was gorgeous and the wine was really delicious!

Finally we stayed at the Mansion Dandi Royal back in BA...this was hands down our favorite! First it was in a really fantastic part of the city...a little bit older, lots of cobblestone streets, just a really charming area. But the hotel really blew us was gorgeous! We really liked that it wasn't a huge place but the rooms were spectacular and the building itself was just so pretty! There were huge tango murals everywhere and the people that worked there was just super friendly and happy to help with anything. There was this huge antique/art fair that happens every Sunday in the neighborhood that was fantastic and there were just tons of great restaurants within walking distance of the hotel. Cabs in BA were super cheap so even if you had to take them it wasn't a big deal.

Oh I also wanted to let you know that the car and tour guide that picked us up from and brought us back to the airport were great. The tour guide was really sweet and she gave us a lot of useful tips when we first arrived so that worked out perfectly.

I hope you enjoy the pictures! Thank you again so much for setting all this up for us! We truly had an unforgettable time! Also if you ever need a reference for anything I'd be more than happy to help you out with that :)

Hope all is well with you and that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family!
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