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Just like you, I grew up seeing photos of exotic locations – islands, jungles, beaches – and wondering "Do they really look like that? Is the water really that clear, that blue-green color?" It seemed so far away to this small-town Midwestern girl...but someday..... Fast forward a few years & I booked a trip to Nassau, Bahamas. It was my first flight, my first "adult" vacation – to the beach & out of the country even! I was shaking in my sandals as I stepped off the plane, got to my hotel, made a beeline for the beach and stood there – soaking it all in – the colors were so vivid, the sounds so clear – I knew then the rest of my life would be centered around the beach.

Since then, I have traveled to countless beaches and shared them with family & friends. From nameless cays in the Bahamas to Mexico and many of the "St. Somewheres.." there is nothing like having your toes in the sand, while the ocean blues and sea greens work their magic on you. I was an Island Bride, planning my own private Wedding. I taught my kids to snorkel in Grand Cayman and my son & I recently learned to dive in Jamaica.

But it doesn't stop there! Meeting new people, new cultures, new friends...learning their stories, sharing their food. I've learned we have so much in common. Laughter is the same in any language.

I've carried on my Wedding dress, juggled a stroller & a crying baby, suffered thru flight cancellations, tropical storms and all sorts of travel surprises...just to get to my beach. It's where I go to weather life's storms and to celebrate its abundance.

As your Beach Bum, I want to help you create your own beach-story...knowing you have advice from someone who's been there & not just in the pictures.

By the way, YES! It really does look like that...come see for yourself.

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